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company news about Advantages of sodium ion batteries

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Company News
Advantages of sodium ion batteries
Latest company news about Advantages of sodium ion batteries

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Sodium reserves are abundant, with a wide range of negative electrode carbon sources, lower energy consumption and cost. The content of lithium ions in the crust is 0.0065%, and the content of sodium in the crust is about 500 times that of lithium. Domestic lithium resources are scarce, and most of them rely on imports. Sodium battery technology relies on abundant domestic sodium resources to avoid resource supply problems and reduce dependence on imported resources. In the face of uncertainty in the international situation, sodium electricity technology will become more competitive in the market.




Compared to lithium-ion batteries, sodium ion batteries have better low-temperature performance, rate performance, and safety performance. In terms of low-temperature performance, lithium batteries are prone to lithium precipitation when charged at low temperatures, while sodium ions do not precipitate. Therefore, the capacity retention rate of sodium ion batteries at minus 20 ℃ is still above 88%, while the capacity retention rate of lithium iron phosphate batteries is less than 70%, making it difficult to apply in low-temperature environments such as winter in northern China; In terms of safety, due to the higher internal resistance of sodium ion batteries compared to lithium batteries, the instantaneous heat generation is less in the case of short circuits, the temperature rise is lower, and the temperature of thermal runaway is higher than that of lithium batteries, which has higher safety. Sodium batteries have high charging and discharging efficiency, can effectively convert electrical energy, reduce energy loss, and improve the efficiency of the entire energy storage system.


Wide application:


The characteristics of sodium electricity, such as no smoke, no fire, and no explosion, make it more reliable and safe in the field of energy storage. This is crucial for the stable operation of energy storage systems in large-scale applications and provides more application scenarios. More opportunities to be used to replace the billion dollar lead acid market.

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