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company news about Awarding Ceremony for PK in Nov

China Deligreen Power Co.,ltd certification
China Deligreen Power Co.,ltd certification
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i have a nice memory of our meeting in Shenzhn with Deligreen Mandy and a beautiful impression of your growing company.We both are straightforward and honest people and this is the most important value,so i am sure we can

—— Angelo from Italy

I am sure we can happily work together we should easily find a way to do.Money are important but aren't the most important part.

—— Angelo from Italy

Deligreen is the partner that i have replied one for years. Some other suppliers change sales quickly but Deligreen not.

—— Bonnett from USA

i have used the batteries for 9 years from Deligreen. Amazing!

—— Phil, LA

COVID19 made something more difficult. we need the balancers urgently.Thanks for the Deligreen team's effort. We receive the balancers on time and no delay for our project. Thank godness

—— Alexander from RU

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Company News
Awarding Ceremony for PK in Nov
Latest company news about Awarding Ceremony for PK in Nov

On Dec 7 afternoon, a sunny warm day, the November PK Awarding Ceremony was held in Tingbo hotel in Changsha.




There are 4 teams who attended this battle. We compete who can achieve higher Target completion rate.

Purpose of the competition:

Learn from each other, Improve team cohesion,Improve skills and mentality.

After 30days day and night hard working , Deligreen reach 156% target completio rate, while the other team is 166%.

It is really a pity we are not the TOP1 team , actually we are almost the champion.

What is the good news is that, this November our team has soared to a record high!





The meeting made a summary to the past November competition, commended the champion team, the sales champion and outstanding individuals,

who shared their experience and perception during the fierce competition.


Below are the wonderful moments. Thanks for all the support from dear customers.

Four leaders gave a speech

the main topic is : Praise the staff and be grateful to customers.




Mandy said: we are not selling batteries but fathers' love.

we are not selling batteries but responsibility.

we are not selling batteries but hundreds of thousands people's DIY dreams!

Staff Representative speech

Topic: Summerize each team's advantages and disadvantages;what we have learned

Share impressive stories about our colleagues.

Many staffs work extra into deep night .

A purchasing lady left her home and live in the factory which is over 1000KM away in order to ensure faster shipment.




Kathy and Anna represent Deligreen to give a speech. How excited to share great ideas. Self-Confidence show on their faces, right?

Talent Show




Deligreen team dancing

Awarding Ceremony

Please check the photo carefully and can you recongize the sales that you are working with?

Maybe you can't imgine how precious for us for every order in this November since it will decide whether we are the winner or not.

Team honor comes first. Every staff love his own team and are willing to do everything to make contribution for the team.


Deligreen Power




Deligreen Power



Thanks so much for all regular and new customers' trust and support to Deligreen team.

From this special activity,we are not only surpass our sales goal,what's more important is that:

The team is more and more united, grow up internally, be more confident in the team and in the future,learned a lot from each other.

And find our disadvantages.


Deligreen: Make DIY Battery Easy!

Welcome to contact us to be our long pleasant partner!

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