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company news about liquid lithium battery and solid lithium battery

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Company News
liquid lithium battery and solid lithium battery

The development of liquid lithium batteries is booming, while the competition for the next generation of solid-state batteries is constantly accelerating. Both domestic and foreign battery manufacturers and car companies, including CATL, BYD, Foton, SAIC, NIO, Toyota, Nissan, BMW, and Hyundai, are actively working on solid-state batteries.

Recently, the media reported that China may invest about 6 billion yuan in the research and development of solid-state batteries. The project will be led by relevant government departments and encourage qualified companies to carry out R&D on solid-state battery-related technologies. Many companies including CATL, BYD, Foton, and SAIC may receive government R&D support. After strict selection, the project is divided into seven specific projects, focusing on different technology routes such as polymers and sulfides.

"If the government provides funding to encourage the R&D of solid-state batteries for car and battery companies, the process from laboratory to mass production application of solid-state batteries may accelerate, which will prioritize the upstream equipment manufacturers' order demand." CITIC Securities pointed out that currently, top domestic lithium battery equipment manufacturers are cooperating with downstream customers, actively developing solid-state battery equipment, and promoting the industrialization process of solid-state batteries. Top domestic lithium battery equipment manufacturers are expected to maintain a leading advantage in the era of solid-state batteries.


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Industry notice: The core technology concept of solid-state batteries is to replace the liquid electrolyte with a solid-state one, and to accompany innovations in positive and negative electrode materials. When it comes to production and manufacturing processes, are there any fundamental differences between existing liquid lithium-ion battery production equipment and solid-state battery manufacturing equipment? Are the two types of battery equipment interchangeable, or do they share any similarities? What conditions or factors do existing lithium-ion equipment manufacturers need to have in order to transition to solid-state battery equipment manufacturing companies, and what is the biggest problem?

"In the current development of battery technology, there is no unified process for solid-state batteries. Most of the mainstream products in the market now are semi-solid or quasi-solid-state batteries, rather than full solid-state batteries." According to a certain domestic equipment manufacturer, using silicon-carbon negative electrodes and coating solid-state electrolytes on the separator, existing production processes can maintain relative stability without major adjustments. In addition, some companies choose to apply dry film technology in the front-end process, which also allows the equipment in the subsequent stages to remain unchanged.

Overall, semi-solid-state batteries and solid-state batteries are a manifestation of the iteration of lithium-ion battery technology, and this iterative upgrade is conducive to an increase in equipment demand and the continued optimization of the industry structure. The above equipment supplier points out that if solid-state electrolytes are used in the future and metallic lithium is used as the negative electrode material, the production process will face significant change. Therefore, equipment manufacturers must make corresponding transformations.

"There are several major difficulties in achieving mass production of solid-state batteries in the supply chain. First, there is a need for innovation in processes and equipment. Second, manufacturing capabilities and quality requirements are extremely high."


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