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company news about Will lithium battery price go down?

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Company News
Will lithium battery price go down?
Latest company news about Will lithium battery price go down?


Why does lithium battery price keep rising?


It is about lithium,one of the most important metal minerals in lithium battery cost.


As an important raw material for making power batteries for new energy vehicles, the price of lithium carbonate has risen from 40000 yuan/ton in the second half of 2020 to 510000 yuan/ton at the end of September 2022.


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The price of lithium carbonate has continued to rise since 2021



Why is the price of lithium soaring?


First of all, the domestic new energy vehicle market has broken out in an all-round way. The monthly sales volume of this year is almost 200% higher than that of the same month last year, and the monthly sales volume reaches more than 500000 vehicles. By August 2022, 28 new energy vehicles will be sold for every 100 new vehicles. As the main power battery of new energy vehicles, lithium batteries are constantly breaking new historical records.


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On the other hand, China is not a country rich in lithium resources.

In general, the abundance of lithium in the crust is very low, only 0.0065%.


At this point, the distribution of lithium in the world is extremely uneven. 77.7% of the global reserves are in Chile, Australia and Argentina in the southern hemisphere, and 81% of the production is in Australia and Chile.



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Although China ranks fourth among the countries with developable lithium resources in the world, it only accounts for 6.8% of the reserves and 14% of the output. Moreover, the quality of our lithium resources is relatively poor, with many low-grade ores, more magnesium content and higher processing difficulty, while the lithium resources in the southern hemisphere are better. As a result, 80% of China's lithium resources rely on imports - higher than China's dependence on foreign oil in 2021.


According to the current growth rate of electric vehicle sales, relying solely on domestic lithium mineral resources cannot support us to complete the transformation of "automobile electrification".



From 2022 to 2025, the global demand for lithium may increase from 769000 tons of lithium carbonate equivalent (LCE) to 1633000 tons. However, by the beginning of 2022, the world's developable lithium resource reserves are only about 22 million tons, while China's is only 1.5 million tons.


In other words, in a few years, China's existing lithium resources may only be enough for the world to use for one year. SNE Research predicts that by 2025, the demand gap of global electric vehicles for power batteries will expand to about 40%.


It seems the lithium battery price won't go down in near future,especially there are more and more demand for Electrical automobiles.


Deligreen supplies lithium battery for Home energy storage system,Solar system,DIY at a reasonable price.When there is an extremely low cost,think about the reason.


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