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company news about Lithium battery new business

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Company News
Lithium battery new business
Latest company news about Lithium battery new business

In the European Union, many trucks engage in cross-border transportation.

Therefore, for truck drivers, cars are like their homes. On the long journey, they need to sleep, cook, etc. in the truck.


At present, most trucks still use lead-acid batteries or gasoline generators to ensure their daily electricity supply.


Lead acid batteries have a short lifespan, low energy density, and can easily decay to below 40% after less than a year of use. To supply power to truck air conditioners, they can only last for 2-3 hours and cannot meet daily electricity needs.


The cost of gasoline generators combined with gasoline consumption is not low overall, and there is also a high level of noise and potential risk of fire.


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Lithium batteries have a high energy density and can provide twice the power consumption time compared to lead-acid batteries in the same volume. Taking the essential parking air conditioning on trucks as an example, the commonly used lead-acid batteries on the market can only support its operation for 4-5 hours, while lithium batteries of the same volume can provide 9-10 hours of electricity for parking air conditioning.


Moreover, lead-acid batteries have a fast decay in charge and a short service life. But lithium batteries can easily achieve a lifespan of more than 5 years, with a lifespan three times longer and lower long-term comprehensive costs.



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At present, many heavy-duty truck manufacturers have realized this market demand and have begun to layout in the field of lithium-ion batteries for truck starting and parking.


And with the continuous development and progress of the new energy industry, lithium battery technology is also constantly improving and perfecting. Especially in recent years, the cost of lithium batteries has been gradually decreasing, which gives them a greater competitive advantage in the future market.


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Deligreen supplies high quality EVE 280ah/304ah lithium cell,Daly BMS,ABS case for 12V battery pack DIY.

Meanwhile we supply completed 12V battery pack for truck power supply.


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