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company news about OBC charger 3.3kw 6.6kw or 20kw?

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China Deligreen Power Co.,ltd certification
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Company News
OBC charger 3.3kw 6.6kw or 20kw?
Latest company news about OBC charger 3.3kw 6.6kw or 20kw?

What is OBC charger?


On-board charger (On-board charger; OBC) refers to a charger firmly mounted on an electric vehicle, which has the ability to safely, quickly, conveniently and fully charge power batteries.

Based on the data provided by the battery management system BMS, it dynamically adjusts the charging current and voltage parameters, performs the charging action of the phase, and completes the charging process.


What are the parts of OBC charger?


OBC car charger is divided into two parts: the power supply part and the charger control main board.

The power supply part is to convert the single phase 220V or three phase 380V AC from the grid into the DC power needed for the power battery, which involves an important function of AC to DC.

The main function of the charger control motherboard is to control, monitor, measure, correct, protect and communicate with the outside world network, which is the "central brain" of the on-board charger.


What is CAN communication?


The network communication with the outside world mentioned here is mainly communicated with the battery management system BMS through the high-speed CAN network.

It judges whether the battery connection status is correct, and obtain the battery system parameters and the real-time data of the battery before and during charging.

In addition, it should communicate with the vehicle monitoring system, upload the working status, working parameters and fault alarm information, and accept the command to start charging or stop charging.

CAN network communication is the most efficient communication mode at present. The on-board charger developed and produced by Deligreen Power adapts the CAN high-speed network communication.

It can be said that OBC converts the alternating current input from the power grid into direct current power, and determines the key components of charging power and efficiency.

The development of its technology has promoted the popularization and practicality of electric vehicles.

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What power of the OBC charger?


At present, the OBC output power of the mainstream electric vehicle passenger cars on the market is generally 3.3KW and 6.6KW.

Commercial vehicles and construction machinery vehicles are equipped with a high charger output power, reaching 10KW, 20KW and 40KW.

The output power of OBC determines the length of the charging time. Due to the size of the vehicle space and the power grid voltage, the power is generally small and the charging speed is slow, commonly known as slow charging.

But with its existence, it greatly facilitates the charging demand of electric vehicles and improves the range of electric vehicles.


What’s the advantage of Deligreen OBC charger?


Deligreen OBC adopts intelligent charging for power batteries, which judges the relative capacity of the battery and recognizes the ambient temperature during the charging process.

According to the battery state, constant voltage, constant current and constant power automatic conversion method is used, which effectively saves the charging time and extends the service life of the battery.

In addition, Deligreen OBC charger has been awarded CE certificate, but cost is very competitive.

That’s why Deligreen OBC chargers (OEM)have such significant and unique advantages and characteristics, they have been recognized and favored by customers at home and abroad.

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