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company news about Why EVE280AH Cells Marked with Letter “B” ?

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China Deligreen Power Co.,ltd certification
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Company News
Why EVE280AH Cells Marked with Letter “B” ?
Latest company news about Why EVE280AH Cells Marked with Letter “B” ?

Why EVE280AH Cells Marked with Letter “B” ?


EVE280AH (Model name is LF280K) is one of the favorate battery model due to its high quality and economical price.


While there is a change for this model since this April.


There is a letter "B" on the QR code, which make people confused or uncomfortable with it.


Why there is "B" showing on the QR code?


What is the difference of these cells with letter"B"? Don't worry.Let's explain to you.


First please check the picture below:

latest company news about Why EVE280AH Cells Marked with Letter “B” ?  0





Secondly,As we all know,there are several different grades of the batteries, we classify them with A+,B,C,D


grade A+ EVE280AH cell price is USD200+ excluding shipping fee.please see the screen shot below directly from EVE factory.



latest company news about Why EVE280AH Cells Marked with Letter “B” ?  1



Now we are talking about the grade A -cells .


Before the QR code without letter “B” with USD110+ are grade A- cells. They look like exactly the same as the pure grade A+ .


For the buyers, they can hardly identify which is grade A+ and which is grade A-.


For some sellers, they sell grade A+ price but the batteries are grade A-.


So this cause the market unfair for the buyers and seller.


In order to regulate a fair market, the factory took this measure.


This letter B is the similar way as “Erased QR code” by CATL.



Finally,You may ask what is the different between grade A+ and grade A- cells?


Are the grade A- cells reliable ?should i trust it?


The grade A- cells are qualified cells, they were just picked out because somewhere doesn’t meet the high requirement when the factory match cells for EV.


For more details please read the short article below:



In summary,These cells are completely good enough for low speed EV and solar /energy storage system.


So you can still be confident in these cells even if they are marked as “B”.


Before they have no ID card but now they have ;-D


Everything is exactly the same as before. But this tends more honest and fair for all the sellers and buyers.


If you still have any doubts or questions please feel free to contact us.



Pub Time : 2022-05-05 19:29:20 >> News list
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