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company news about Zero Capacity Fade Lithium Battery At Low Temperature

China Deligreen Power Co.,ltd certification
China Deligreen Power Co.,ltd certification
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Company News
Zero Capacity Fade Lithium Battery At Low Temperature
Latest company news about Zero Capacity Fade Lithium Battery At Low Temperature

Lithium battery won't lose capacity at extremely low temperature


Spinel structure/Zero strain material

Lithium titanate has a stable 3D crystal structure,The material structure hardly changes in discharging&charging.
Compared to lithium battery with graphite as the negative electrode,LTO hardly results in SEI with poor stability that
happens on LFP,Avoiding thermal runaway caused by SEI during high-temperature decomposition, resulting in battery
fire and explosion.

Lithium titanate batteries have a higher potential for lithium metal,no lithium crystal occured,safer and better stability.
It's able to charge&discharge in high rate due to 3D lithium iion transist channel.Fully charge and discharge within the
range of -50 ° C extreme low temperature to 60 ° C ultra-high temperature.

Delithiation,LTO(volume change rate ± 3%),25000 times life Frequent delithiation,Graphite volume increases(volume change rate ± 3%),reduing life cycles

Safety & Stability

LTO,NO SEI Other lithium,SEI

Low reactivity between lithium titanate and electrolyte,No SEI,higher safety and stability.

Stabbing Over Charging%Dischagring

Stabbing under water Drilling

Cutting Fire test

Fast charging

Wider range

6 min to charge full

Full charge at -50 degree

Yinlong LTO Deligreen LTO

Grade A+ quality LTO,click above for more information

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