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8S 24V 40A Battery Management System BMS For 3.2V Li Ion Battery

China Deligreen Power Co.,ltd certification
China Deligreen Power Co.,ltd certification
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i have a nice memory of our meeting in Shenzhn with Deligreen Mandy and a beautiful impression of your growing company.We both are straightforward and honest people and this is the most important value,so i am sure we can

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I am sure we can happily work together we should easily find a way to do.Money are important but aren't the most important part.

—— Angelo from Italy

Deligreen is the partner that i have replied one for years. Some other suppliers change sales quickly but Deligreen not.

—— Bonnett from USA

i have used the batteries for 9 years from Deligreen. Amazing!

—— Phil, LA

COVID19 made something more difficult. we need the balancers urgently.Thanks for the Deligreen team's effort. We receive the balancers on time and no delay for our project. Thank godness

—— Alexander from RU

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8S 24V 40A Battery Management System BMS For 3.2V Li Ion Battery

8S 24V 40A Battery Management System BMS For 3.2V Li Ion Battery
8S 24V 40A Battery Management System BMS For 3.2V Li Ion Battery
8S 24V 40A Battery Management System BMS For 3.2V Li Ion Battery 8S 24V 40A Battery Management System BMS For 3.2V Li Ion Battery 8S 24V 40A Battery Management System BMS For 3.2V Li Ion Battery

Large Image :  8S 24V 40A Battery Management System BMS For 3.2V Li Ion Battery

Product Details:
Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: Deligreencs
Certification: CE/UL/ROHS/FCC
Model Number: lithium8S24V80A
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: carton
Delivery Time: 15 days
Payment Terms: D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1000 pcs/day

8S 24V 40A Battery Management System BMS For 3.2V Li Ion Battery

Charge Voltage: 24V Charge Current: 20A
Over Charge Volt: 3.75±0.25 Over Charge Volt Protect Delay: 1
Over Charge Volt Release: 3.55±0.05 Constant Discharge Current: 40A
Peak Discharge Current: 120±30 Balance Current: 35±5
High Light:

8S 24V Battery Management System BMS


CE 40A Battery Management System BMS


8S 24V bms system battery

Smart BMS For 3.2V Lithium Ion Battery 8S 24V 40A Common Separate Port


BMS 8S 24V 40A Specification

Datasheet for 3.2V LifePO4 BMS( 10A-60A )
  Content Spec Unit Remark
    10A 15A 20A 30A 40A 50A 60A A  
Discharge Constant discharge current 10 15 20 30 40 50 60 A  
  Over-discharge current protection 30±5 50±5 60±10 100±20 120±20 150±30 180±30 A  
Charge Charge voltage Series No.* 3.65 V  
  Charge current 5 8 10 15 20 25 30 A Common port
  Charge current 8A as default A Separate port
Over charge protection Overcharge volt 3.75±0.05 V  
  Overcharge volt protect delay 1 S  
  Over charge volt release 3.55±0.05 V  
Power balancing Power balance volt 3.5 V  
  Balance release volt 3.5 V  
  Balance current 30±5 mA  
Over discharge protection Over discharge detect volt 2.2±0.05 V  
  Over discharge detect delay 1 S  
  Over discharge volt release 2.7±0.05 V  
Over current protection Over current detect delay 1 MS  
  Over current protect release Off load    
Short circuit protection Short circuit protection External load short circuit    
  Short circuit detect delay 250 uS  
  Short circuit detect release Disconnect load    
Temperature protection Temp protection charge<0℃, discharge>70℃ Need extra customization
Resistance Main circuit resistor ≤20  
Self-consumption Working current ≤100 uA  
  Sleepy current(when battery is over discharged ) ≤20 uA  
Working temp Temp range -20~70  
Storage temp Temp range -40~80  

This BMS is for 8 lithium batteries in series,24V.

40A-500A for your option.

We have common port and separate port.

How to identify common port and separate port?

8S 24V 40A Battery Management System BMS For 3.2V Li Ion Battery 0


Why do we need battery management system?

Battery Management Systems are the brains/CPU behind battery packs. They manage the output, charging,discharging and provide notifications on the status of thebattery pack. They also protect the batteries from damage.

Lithium ion is a kind of active metal,compared to lead acid battery,lithium ion is more active,which casuses over charge,over discharge problem.It needs a protection.BMS is the one that protect your battery from be damaged.

Now you are replacing the lead acid battery with lithium battery,it's worthy spending little money on protection of your batteries,which can save much money.


What is battery management system BMS?

Deligreen BMS is defined as an electronic system that manages a rechargeable battery(lithium phosphate,NCM battery,single cell or battery pack) by monitoring its state, calculating secondary data, reporting that data, protecting the battery, controlling its environment, and/or balancing it.This is a very worthy of money to make your battery packs a BMS.


Why deligreen BMS?

Deligreen was founded in 2010 and we have sold BMS for more than 10 years.BMS is one of our best sellers.The customers from more than 90 countries in the world have been using Deligreen's BMS,our BMSes are protecting tremendous amount of batteries in the world.It's worthy the every dollar/cent you spend on our BMS.;)


Where to buy battery management system?


Pls go to the bottom of this page,and send us your requirement,we will contact you by email or whatsapp to recommend the BMS you need.We can ship to you freight charge included.


How does battery management system work?

The battery management system monitors battery conditions and takes actions to extend battery life. If excessive battery drain is detected, the system temporarily disables some electrical systems to protect the battery.


How to choose the BMS that I need?

You need to make sure of following

1. battery type:lifepo4,lto,NCM battery.The different battery with different voltage and capacity,3.2V lifepo4,3.7V NCM,2.3V lto 

2. charge current:Range 5A-250A

3. discharge current:Range 10A-500A

4. battery pack(series,parallel):3S-32S,customized optional

5. Peak discharge current:The highest discharge can a BMS stand


Where does the BMS use?

  • Electric scooter
  • E-bike
  • Tourist sightseeing vehicle
  • Electric tricycle
  • Low speed EV
  • Emergency UPS
  • Solar street light
  • RV&Home energy storage
  • more application

If you have batteries used in these applications,you must use a BMS.

What smart/soft function does it have?

There are severl options for the smart BMS,which you can have different function from it.Deligreen's smart BMS has CAN/UART/FAN,and LCD control.It denpends on what protocal of your battery is.We will supply the relevant cables for the connection,UART,USB.CAN.

Every smart BMS has a bluetooth module along with the shippment,as well the USB-UART cable.

The other parts to be given according to the type you place.

8S 24V 40A Battery Management System BMS For 3.2V Li Ion Battery 1

Communications agreements


physical layer

1. physical interface CAN
2. baud rate 250K


Communications Format


Basic timing

All messages are sent by the host, all slave after receiving the message to determine whether the slave address match, only in the case of slave address match is allowed to return data to the host.

Address allocation

Module Address
BMS Master 0x01
APP Bluetooth APP 0x80
GPRS 0x20
Upper 0x40


CAN Communication formats

upper computer

CAN ID 4byte


Priority + data ID+BMS address + PC address


8 bytes


BMS responds to host commands

CAN ID 4byte


Priority + data ID+ PC address +BMS address


8 bytes


Communications content information




Data ID

Message ID



SOCSOC of Total Voltage Current 0x90 Send Byte0~Byte7:Reserved

Byte0~byte1:pressure (0.1 V)

Byte2~byte3: acquisition (0.1 V)

Byte4~byte5:current (Offset,0.1A 30000)


Maximum Minimum Voltage of Monomer

0x91 Send Byte0~Byte7:Reserved

Byte0~byte1:maximum monomer voltage (mV)

Byte2: Maximum Unit Voltage cell No.

Byte3~byte4:minimum monomer voltage (mV)

Byte5:Minimum Unit Voltage cell No.

Maximum minimum temperature of monomer

0x92 Send Byte0~Byte7:Reserved

Byte0: maximum monomer temperature (40 Offset,°C)

Byte1: Maximum monomer temperature cell No.

Byte2:minimum monomer temperature (40 Offset,°C)

Byte3:Minimum Monomer Temperature cell No.

Charge/discharge, MOS status

0x93 Send Byte0~Byte7:Reserved

Byte0:charge/discharge status (0 stationary ,1 charged ,2 discharged)

Byte1:charging MOS tube status

Byte2:discharge MOS tube state

Byte3:BMS life(0~255 cycles)

Byte4~Byte7: residual capacity (mAH)


Status Information 1

0x94 Send Byte0~Byte7:Reserved

Byte0: battery string


Byte2:charger status (0 disconnected ,1 connected)

Byte3:load status (0 disconnected ,1 access)



Bit 0: DI1 state

Bit 1: DI2 state

Bit 2: DI3 state

Bit 3: DI4 state

Bit 4: DO1 state

Bit 5: DO2 state

Bit 6: DO3 state

Bit 7: DO4 state


Byte 5~Byte6 :charge/discharge cycles


Cell voltage 1~48

0x95 Send Byte0~Byte7:Reserved

Each unit voltage of 2 byte, according to the actual number of units sent, a maximum of 96 byte, divided into 16 frames sent

Byte0:frame number, starting from 0,0 xFF invalid

Byte1~byte6:monomer voltage (1 mV)


Monomer temperature 1~16

0x96 Send Byte0~Byte7:Reserved

Each temperature is 1 byte, sent according to the actual number of temperature used, a maximum of 21 byte, divided into 3 frames

Byte0: frame number, starting at 0

Byte1~byte7:monomer temperature (40 Offset,°C)

Monomer equilibrium state

0x97 Send Byte0~Byte7:Reserved

Bit0:monomer 1 equilibrium state


Bit47:monomer 48 equilibrium state


Battery failure status

0x98 Send Byte0~Byte7:Reserved

0 -> No error

1 -> Error


Byte 0

Bit 0: one stage warning of unit over voltage

Bit 1: one stage warning of unit over voltage

Bit 2: one stage warning of unit over voltage

Bit 3: two stage warning of unit over voltage

Bit 4: Total voltage is too high One alarm

Bit 5: Total voltage is too high Level two alarm

Bit 6: Total voltage is too low One alarm

Bit 7: Total voltage is too low Level two alarm


Byte 1

Bit 0: Charging temperature too high. One alarm

Bit 1: Charging temperature too high. Level two alarm

Bit 2: Charging temperature too low. One alarm

Bit 3: Charging temperature's too low. Level two alarm

Bit 4: Discharge temperature is too high. One alarm

Bit 5: Discharge temperature is too high. Level two alarm

Bit 6: Discharge temperature is too low. One alarm

Bit 7: Discharge temperature is too low. Level two alarm


Byte 2

Bit 0: Charge over current. Level one alarm

Bit 1: Charge over current, level two alarm

Bit 2: Discharge over current. Level one alarm

Bit 3: Discharge over current, level two alarm

Bit 4: SOC is too high an alarm

Bit 5: SOC is too high. Alarm Two

Bit 6: SOC is too low. level one alarm

Bit 7: SOC is too low. level two alarm


Byte 3

Bit 0: Excessive differential pressure level one alarm

Bit 1: Excessive differential pressure level two alarm

Bit 2: Excessive temperature difference level one alarm

Bit 3:  Excessive temperature difference level two alarm


Byte 4

Bit 0: charging MOS overtemperature warning

Bit 1: discharge MOS overtemperature warning

Bit 2: charging MOS temperature detection sensor failure

Bit 3: discharge MOS temperature detection sensor failure

Bit 4: charging MOS adhesion failure

Bit 5: discharge MOS adhesion failure

Bit 6: charging MOS breaker failure

Bit 7: discharge MOS breaker failure

Byte 5

Bit 0: AFE acquisition chip malfunction

Bit 1: monomer collect drop off

Bit 2: Single Temperature Sensor Fault

Bit 3: EEPROM storage failures

Bit 4: RTC clock malfunction

Bit 5: Precharge Failure

Bit 6: vehicle communications malfunction

Bit 7: intranet communication module malfunction


Byte 6:

Bit 0: Current Module Failure

Bit 1: main pressure detection module

Bit 2: Short circuit protection failure

Bit 3: Low Voltage No Charging

Bit 4: MOS GPS or soft switch MOS off

Bit 5~Bit7: Reserved


Byte7:fault code (if 0 x 03, show "fault code 3",0 do not show)

This is how a BMS works for 13S48V battery packs.

Pls contact us telling your batteries spec,and recommend you the most proper products.



Q:Which current of the PCB should i choose?

A:Take 13S 48V pack as an example: Which PCB you should choose depends on the power of your motor or the current limitation of your controller. Below 350W ,you can choose 16A.Below 500W, you can choose 18A, Below 800W, you can choose 35A,Below 1KW, you can choose 60A. Above 1200W, the same. If you are not sure, please contact us freely.


Q:What battery types do your BMS work with?

A:Our BMS can work for lithium phospate battery(Lifepo4)and NCM battery,lithium ion battery,ple let us know what your battery type before placing order.


Q:What BMS range can you supply?

A:Deligreen is a professional BMS supllier with abundant BMS range.Series from 3S-32S,Current from 10A-500A,if you need more series,pls contact us.


Q:Can I watch the battery status from my mobile phone?

A:Yes,this is waht a samrt BMS do,you can watch the status of your batteries in your APP throush bluetooth connected between phone and the BMS.


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